Generation Fitness Planksgiving Challenge 2014!

In addition to our annual Sweaty Turkey Boot Camp in November, we started a new tradition for November called the Planksgiving Challenge!  All of our Castle Rock Boot Camp participants are expected to hold a proper 4 minute plank in class at the end of November.  We do a wide range of exercises in our boot camp classes, including dozens of plank variations so our boot campers definitely have an advantage in the strength department.  That doesn’t mean that holding a 4 minute plank will be an easy feat for all of our boot campers as it’s much more challenging than it looks!

Planks are a safe and efficient isometric exercise that can prevent lower back pain.  They not only strengthen the core, but they also strengthen the shoulders and hips.  Planks can provide improved balance when you incorporate an arm or leg with differing variations of the exercise.

















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