Planksgiving Challenge 2014

For the month of November I challenged our entire Castle Rock Boot Camp to do our Planksgiving Challenge.  We diligently practiced in class during our workouts every week as illustrated by the chart below.  The most important thing I stressed was proper form above all else.  I made sure that all participants in my class executed flawless planks then we keyed in on holding their planks for time.  Several of our boot campers successfully held a plank for 4 minutes during the last week of November.  On the last day of our Planksgiving Challenge we wanted to see who could hold a plank the longest and the winner was Joyce Burton!  Congrats Joyce!!

Key things to focus on when performing the elbow plank:
  1. Elbows should be directly underneath the shoulders
  2. Head should be level (neutral cervical spine) with eyes looking at the floor.
  3. Form a straight line from the shoulders all the way down to the ankles.
  4. Don’t form an inverted V by having the butt raised high up in the air.
  5. Don’t let the hips sag to the floor, it causes unnecessary stress on the lower back.

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